Things to Do in Ballen Town

When you’re in Ballen Town, the question is not, “What is there to do?” The questions are, “What should I do first?” Or next, or again! Ballen Town is a “can do” community chock full of adventures. The Helvin House Begin at The Helvin House that features family-style dining in a casual atmosphere. You can … Continued

How to Stage Your Kitchen in Seven Steps

While every room is important and should be adequately prepared for showings and open houses, the kitchen could be considered the most important room in your home. People spend a considerable amount of time in the kitchen preparing meals, entertaining, and connecting with other members of the household. The condition of your kitchen can work … Continued

How to Have a Successful Open House

The successful sale of your home depends, in part, on the number of people who are able to see your home. While online marketing methods place photographs at the forefront of any home listing, there is nothing like seeing a home in person at an open house. You want to do everything possible to ensure … Continued

What is a Home Mortgage?

One of the largest expenses a person can have is the purchase of a home. While buying a house is an exciting experience and a large part of the American dream, it can also be daunting regarding finances. What is a home mortgage loan? A home mortgage is when the buyer borrows money from a … Continued

6 Steps to Buying a Home

Buying a house can be an experience juxtaposed with excitement and trepidation. Purchasing a home may likely be your biggest financial investment, and you want to avoid buyer’s remorse. Here are six steps to buying a home that will help you feel more confident in the process. What are the six steps to buying a … Continued

Real Estate Market Report – Current Month 2018

Here’s a look at the Broward County Real Estate Market for Current Month 2018. According to a report released on Current Month 6th by the Real Estate Experts, home prices continue to rise while inventory numbers shrink as we head into the next season. A Look at Housing Stats Last Month ended with a total of … Continued